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COVID-19 has devastated the cruise industry, but one company may emerge stronger: Carnival. A case study by Stuart Gilson reveals how the cruising juggernaut is navigating the pandemic. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
Middle management was already the corporate scapegoat of choice before the COVID-19 pandemic. Will work-from-home policies make middle managers unnecessary or more critical than ever? asks James Heskett. Open for comment; 0 Comments.

The FBI shifted agents and other budget resources toward fighting terrorism in certain parts of the country, and financial fraud and insider trading ran rampant, according to research by Trung Nguyen. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
Hiding your quirks and opinions won’t get you ahead. ‘Badass’ leaders bring their bold, authentic selves to work, without apology, says Francesca Gino. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
How did the evolution of Boeing’s organization and management lead up to two tragic plane crashes—the crash of Lion Air flight 610 on October 29, 2018, in Indonesia, and the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 on March 9, 2019, in Ethiopia—in which a total of 346 people died? What role did cost cutting, FAA pressure, and CEO succession play in laying the foundation for this tragedy? Professor Bill George discusses the long roots that ultimately led to two tragic Boeing 737 Max crashes, and examines the response of Boeing executives to the crisis in his case, “What Went Wrong with Boeing’s 737 Max?” Open for comment; 0 Comments.
Gender equity offers a new source of competitive advantage. In Glass Half-Broken, Colleen Ammerman and Boris Groysberg provide advice for companies working toward parity. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
Can workforce diversity take hold without inclusion? James Heskett reflects on one company’s high-profile struggle to bring in more Black executives. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
A new book by Richard Tedlow digs into the careers of Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Oprah Winfrey to understand how CEOs went from nameless suits to acclaimed gurus. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
For salespeople working harder than ever to stay ahead of customers’ evolving buying habits, Frank Cespedes offers timeless advice in his new book, Sales Management That Works. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
For child and family social workers, coping with the hardships of children and parents is part of the job. But that can cause a lot of stress. Is it possible for financially constrained organizations to improve social workers’ well-being using non-cash rewards, recognition, and other strategies from behavioral science? Assistant Professor Ashley Whillans describes the experience of Chief Executive Michael Sanders’ at the UK’s What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care, as he led a research program aimed at improving the morale of social workers in her case, “The What Works Centre: Using Behavioral Science to Improve Social Worker Well-being.” Open for comment; 0 Comments.
When the pandemic recedes, executives can’t expect office life to be as it was. But they can create a new work world that will keep employees happy and productive, business articles about management say Harvard Business School faculty members. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
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Management Articles, Research, & Case business articles about management Studies – HBS Working KnowledgeManagement Articles, Research, & Case business articles about management Studies – HBS Working Knowledge
Boris Groysberg and colleagues peer into the minds of 10 global CEOs trying to steer their businesses through the upheaval of COVID-19. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
Can companies with remote workforces innovate and grow? The question has been dividing business leaders. James Heskett considers both sides of the debate. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
Analyzing more than 2,500 firm-level innovation histories spanning 30 years, this study shows that breakthrough innovation requires organizational capabilities for both exploration and exploitation. Managers should therefore question the frequent advice to put exploration- and exploitation-related innovative efforts into different organizational units.
Companies struggling to build diverse, inclusive workplaces need to break the cycle of “sameness” that prevents some employees from getting an equal shot at succeeding, says Robin Ely. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
With a dataset of 13,000 firms and 4,000 schools and hospitals spanning more than 35 countries, the World Management Survey provides a systematic measure of management practices used in organizations. This paper gives an overview of lessons learned and a management policy toolkit for policymakers.
Filter Results : Arrow Down Arrow Up Popular Browse All Articles About Us Newsletter Sign-Up RSS Popular Browse All Articles About Us Newsletter Sign-Up RSS Management → New research on management from Harvard Business School faculty on issues including management strategy, accountability, design and succession planning. Page 1 of 291 Results → 31 Aug 2021 Book Feeling Powerless at Work? Time to Agitate, Innovate, and Orchestrate by Jay Fitzgerald Employees lower down the organizational ladder have far more power than they realize. If they worked together, they could effect significant change within their workplaces, says Julie Battilana. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
Companies are testing everything from website features to compensation strategies, but five common mistakes can undermine their efforts, says Michael Luca. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
Worried about engaging interns and new employees in a hybrid world? Research by Iavor I. Bojinov and Prithwiraj Choudhury shows how “virtual watercooler” sessions can make all the difference. Open for comment; 0 Comments.
A brush with disaster can lead to important innovations, but only if employees have the psychological safety to reflect on these close calls, says research by Amy C. business law articles for students