Articles business articles of incorporation template of Incorporation Template LawDepot

In compliance with the requirements of the Alabama Business Corporation Act, and for the purposes of forming a for-profit business corporation in Alabama, the undersigned desire to form a corporation according to the following Articles of Incorporation.
Articles of Incorporation are legal papers filed with the state government when you are incorporating a business. The articles must detail the name of the corporation, the number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue, the address of the initial registered office and registered agent, and the name and address of each incorporator.

Articles business articles of incorporation template of Incorporation Template LawDepot
Articles business articles of incorporation template of Incorporation Template LawDepot
A registered agent, also known as a resident agent or statutory agent, is a person with a legal street address in the state where the company will be incorporated. The registered agent must be available during regular business hours, and is responsible for receiving government documents relating to taxes, and any official papers concerning legal actions related to the business.
Articles of Incorporation may not be used for companies based in certain industries, depending on your state laws. In the State of Florida, for example, the Articles of Incorporation form cannot be used to incorporate businesses from the following industries:
Articles of Incorporation are a requirement for incorporating your business. You should consider incorporating your business to receive the following key benefits:
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The specific laws and regulations applicable to incorporating a business vary from state to state. LawDepot’s Articles of Incorporation form is customized automatically based on the state you select. business articles of incorporation template
When it comes to taxes, the corporation must pay corporate taxes on its profits while shareholders will also be liable to pay personal income tax on any salaries, bonuses, or dividends paid to them.
The Class A voting, cumulative  shares will have the following rights and privileges attached to them and be subject to the following conditions and limitations:
The tax treatment of S Corp elections varies from state to state. An LLC or C Corporation is eligible to become an S Corp if it has a maximum of 100 shareholders, each of whom must be individuals , and who must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.
There are two common types of corporations in the United States:
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The articles may also contain details like the names of any initial directors, the primary activities or purpose of the corporation, and any starting provisions governing the management of the corporation.
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Articles of Incorporation are also known as: how to file articles of organization in ga